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Häxenzijrkell - "Demo I" Tape

Häxenzijrkell -

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Häxenzijrkell - "Demo I" Tape

"Thus far Germany’s Häxenzijrkell’s only material available to the public is this single thirteen minute opus called “Lughnasadh.”
After an initial run of 80 home-dubbed cassettes depleted quicker than a sleeve of Ritz crackers in High On Fire’s tour bus, Amor Fati swooped in and grabbed up the rights to a repress of the “cassingle.” Thirteen minutes may not seem like enough metal for your money, but the track goes by like an elephant funeral procession while UFOs hover overhead, eulogizing via hypnotic intercoms. There’s the warm, ectoplasmic atmosphere of the tape, but then there’s the guitars and the drums, all disembodied and phantom, like another radio station bleeding through. Speaking of, definitely don’t jam this one while driving. Or do. But only if it’s at night and you’re climbing up some Lynchian serpentine hills and you’ve got somewhere cosmic to be." (Decibel Magazine)