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Grimoire de Occulte - "Rehearsal November" 2012 Tape

Grimoire de Occulte -

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Grimoire de Occulte -  "Rehearsal November" 2012 Tape

From an old tomb in Aachen, Germany, comes our latest subject of scrutiny: a band called Grimoire De Occulte and their 2012 Rehearsal cassette.

Grimoire de Occulte play their own style of doom/death – very ritualistic. Don’t ever expect blastbeats on this album, because these two tracks march to oblivion to the tune of a funeral. The cymbals keep time as a bell tolling in a church tower typically does. The occasional fill-in makes no surprise, as snare drum and bass drum plod through the proceedings like a warrior making his way through a murky swamp, choosing a spot where he wants to die.