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Kerbenok -

Kerbenok - "O" CD
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Der Blutharsch - Boxset (12 Cassettes)

Der Blutharsch - Boxset (12 Cassettes)
Der Blutharsch - Boxset (12 Cassettes) - 1

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Der Blutharsch - Boxset (12 Cassettes)

For the first and only time ever: the complete Der Blutharsch album-discography on tape! Follow the intriguing musical journey of this unique band throughout 12 records in over 15 years. 12 professionally printed tapes, hold together in a stylish and sturdy box-set with silverfoil printing.

Sturdy black box with silver-foil, embossed printing holding 12 albums on professionally printed, shrink-wrapped cassettes with full-colour covers. Limited edition of 188 boxes!

Tape 1: Der Blutharsch – Der Blutharsch
Tape 2: Der Blutharsch – Der Sieg des Lichtes..
Tape 3: Der Blutharsch – The Pleasures Received in Pain
Tape 4: Der Blutharsch – The Track of the Hunted
Tape 5: Der Blutharsch – When all else Fails
Tape 6: Der Blutharsch – The Moment of Truth / Der Gott..
Tape 7: Der Blutharsch – Time is Thee Enemy!
Tape 8: Der Blutharsch – When did Wonderland End?
Tape 9: Der Blutharsch – The Philosophers Stone
Tape 10: Der Blutharsch – Flying High!
Tape 11: Der Blutharsch + Aluk Todolo
Tape 12: Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – The Story of the Digging..