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Acherontic Arts III -

Acherontic Arts III - "Festival" T-Shirt
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Lousberg - "Wintergemälde" Tape

Lousberg -
Lousberg -

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Lousberg - "Wintergemälde" Tape

Incl. Digital Code

The freezing cold of the winter, a storm of snow and loneliness move those arround who search that, what has been believed to be forgotten! That is no music, it is a image of tones, formed by the spirit and the father of snow.............................. "Wintergemälde" was created in January 2017 as the coldness moved be arround, the icecold wind inspired my soul and father snow revealed his intense white. A portrait of pure coldness! All sounds were created by the artist himself, the winterstorm by mother nature herself. Limited to 100 white cassettes with silver-print and Digital Code.


Gemälde I 12:54
Gemälde II 18:07