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Whoredom Rife - "Dommedagskvad" CD

Whoredom Rife -

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Whoredom Rife - "Dommedagskvad" CD

- WHOREDOM RIFE debut full-length.
- Comes in deluxe packaging with

"With "Dommedagskvad" (Songs Of Doom), their very first and new full-length album, the newcomers from Trondheim manage to jump into the very top of the local Norwegian Black Metal scene. However, the band does neither rely on nature ambience or forest noise, nor on a fancy intelectual structure, but instead claim their territory with a solid and powerful production without too much of a fuss. The emphasis of WHOREDOM RIFE's black metal is clearly "metal". Rough, fast, pounding and frenetic. With clenched fists and slaughtering riffs. Strong!" (DEAF FOREVER)