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Burden - "A Hole In The Shell" digipack

Burden -
Burden -

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Free Mp3 track: BLACK ROOM (klick)

- 6 page noble digipack with outstanding design and layout
- booklet with info, lyrics and pictures
- including word wide shipping via airmail (not registered)

After their promotional EP and the more than successful 7“ ”Man Of No Account”, stormy autumn is going to blow BURDEN's long awaited debut into your stereo after more than six weeks of tough work for the gentlemen at the Kohlekeller Studios. Despair and frustration yet also conformance, satisfaction and the realisation of a vision have coined the path and formed eleven songs that cover the whole range of human emotions.

“A Hole In The Shell“ impressively demonstrates the development the band has taken within the last months and weeks. Invigorated by massive and successful gigs with leading bands and piqued by the absolute will to accomplish their musical goals and to push the maximum borders a step further, BURDEN have managed to broaden their stylistic spectrum once again. Is it Rock? Is it Metal? That's not the question as two words are not enough to cover their huge horizon or to match BURDEN's standards.

From catchy, anthemic songs such as  ”Done With Denial“ to fierce Doom-styled smashers like “Black Room“ or calm and melancholic  pieces ala ”Conflict“, “A Hole In The Shell“ represents a band that has increased their immense potential once more. Besides, BURDEN have recorded several older songs for this album and to all those who already know these songs, be sure to close your jaws after listening to them as they are a manifestations of BURDEN's evolution

It is not just autumn being rough. It is BURDEN who wrote the perfect soundtrack for stormy seasons. A soundtrack that requires every single sense yet is not too aloof and still able to burst every stage worldwide!

Remember this: “A Hole in The Shell“ is no regular album, it is a statement!