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Grave Raids Magazine #4

Grave Raids Magazine #4

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Grave Raids Magazine #4

The mighty Grave Raids (formerly known as GRAVE WAVE) claimed its throne for the only (and absolutely one of the best!) swiss Metal Fanzines again!!!

Just by taking a look at this well-done DIY Fanzine (all handcrafted!!!) and created with a very unique layout-design inside, you can see and feel the passion and dedication of these guys for the only thing that's real!!!!!!!!

On 72 crazy pages, you'll find great in-depth interviews with:

-Triumph of Death (Tom G. Warrior)
-Omega Vortex
-Outre Tombe
-Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
-Grave Ascension
-JT Ripper
-Temple Ov Perversion
-Tomb Mold
-Gnaw Their Tongues
-Matterhorn Special (printed on glossy paper!)
-A special Article: TIME WILL TELL (Topicality & Metal) + selected reviews, Artist Portrait: "Ryan Nieves" and the craziest comics you'll ever see!!!!

This Zine is a fukkin cenotaph and trench-dagger stab into all the fukkin faces of gossipmongers and trendies, who prefer to surrender and follow the stream, instead of fighting! Support the true Underground Resistance and write, read and rage on the Fanzine Madness!!!