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Kringa - "Feast Upon The Gleam" (12'' LP)

Kringa -

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Kringa - "Feast Upon The Gleam" (12'' LP)

- jacket w inside-out print and flooded in black
- omlay
- Din A2 poster (two sided)
- 180g black vinyl



KRINGA - Feast Upon The Gleam CD/LP
-Terratur Possessions is proud to present the debut album of KRINGA, entitled “Feast Upon The Gleam”!

After almost 10 years of existence, a handful of demos, EP’s and constant gigging, the obscure Austrians is ready with their debut album after all. Expect nothing but a mental ambush, devouring frenzy, and the chants of the ecstatic lunacy!

1: As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise

2: Unwind The Gap Anew!

3: To Sleep In Vermin Velvet

4: Eroding Passage

5: Cloak Of Unbound Fears

6: Eyes Of Stone