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Trapped Under Ice (Compilation) - "Vol. 1" 12'' LP

Trapped Under Ice (Compilation) -

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Trapped Under Ice (Compilation) - "Vol. 1" 12'' LP (black vinyl)

Trapped Under Ice Vol. 1, a compilation accurately subtitled "The New Face of Canadian Heavy Metal."

Canada is an often-misunderstood place. Beyond friendly smiles and quiet winter nights surges an undercurrent of darkness, power, and magic fed by the solitude and expanse of the country. The perfect breeding ground for...PURE HEAVY METAL MADNESS!

Ten incredible young bands from across the label's wide and frosty northlands: Metalian, Spell, Traveler, Cauchemar, Freeways, Barrow Wight, Occult Burial, Blackrat, Emblem, and Starlight Ritual.

With styles ranging from traditional metal to black/speed metal, each one provides an exciting track completely exclusive to this collection. Dive headfirst into icy waters and get Trapped Under Ice to discover the best and coldest new heavy metal bands from all over Canada!